Foresa technologies emerges to assert itself as a centre of reference for innovation and development within the sectors in which we operate. We are backed by over 50 years of experience in the industrial sector in addition to a multidisciplinary technical team with broad experience in the area of chemistry and in the application areas of our products and services.


Our facilities include two synthesis laboratories, a pilot panel manufacturing and characterisation plant and an instrumentation area with chromatography, spectroscopy, thermal and rheological analysis equipment, among others.


    We develop customised solutions to respond to the needs of our clients in terms of products and processes. From making manufacturing receipts available to developing customised equipment, providing all the necessary technical support at all times.

    We carry out resin characterisation analysis and tests on end products for formaldehyde emission, fire and moisture resistance.

    Among our developments are adhesives based on formaldehyde, vinyl acetate, natural products derived from lignin, soy or sugar, paraffin emulsions and mineral or natural oil emulsions.


    We have developed and patented equipment for the processes of manufacturing formaldehyde and resins.

    We have collaboration agreements with leading engineering companies in several sectors, where the contribution of our knowledge of chemistry and processes maximises the final results.

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    We embark on each project from a wide perspective, looking not only at the technical aspects, but also those that directly or indirectly affect their result.

    We have experts in Reach and CLP. We have a team of professionals with vast experience in the area of chemistry as well as the industrial area.

    We take part in European forums. We are one of the main professional associations in the sector and we make our knowledge available to our clients.

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